Make The Dots Join For You

Dot To Dot

By Nadine Grant

Have you been joining the dots together in your life?

Sometimes everything that you want is right in front of you and you just can’t see the picture.
You may be stuck in same old routine, instead of looking from another perspective.

I’ve been there many times myself and it is always amazing when you get a new realisation.

A precious young lady in my life made me look at things from another perspective when I read
her award winning poem. She made me think, she made me see and she made me feel different.

Have a read of the poem and leave a comment to let me know what it does for you.


Dot to Dot

We are all dots on a page
Part of an endless drawing
We see what everyone else sees
We say what everyone else says
We hear what everyone else hears
We eat what everyone else eats
We look left
We look right
What do we see?
A world, a nation
Full of faces, stories, expressions
If the dots we’re words
A magnificent story they would tell
Of aiming high, Inspiring and Individuality
Equality, togetherness and love
But words do not exist, just dots on a page
But a time comes when a dot says, No more
I don’t just want to be seen, I just want to be heard!

Copyright 2009  Nadine Grant

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